Lights and shadows on the sea by Juan Carlos Moreno Collado

Lights and shadows on the sea

Oil on canvas (2002). 46 x 33 cm.
Oh my this is so gorgeous, stunning night color palette, very peaceful, I could sit here for hours, excellent work, love it :) <3
over 2 years ago
Thank you very much, Tania.
over 2 years
Fabulous work! Welcome to the group!
over 2 years
Thank you very much, Alison.
over 2 years
Hi Juan,
Your paintings are magnificent.
over 2 years
Thank you very much, Rick.
over 2 years
Beautiful evening sky.
over 2 years
Thank you very much, Glenys.
over 2 years
incredible, well come!
over 2 years
Thank you very much, Marika.
over 2 years
WOW So love this, Reminds me of my time in Tenerife. I still have photos of amazing red sunsets. Kind regards Christa.
over 2 years
Thnak you very much, Christa.
over 2 years
Beautiful painting it! (Comment for the group Sailing Boats and Yachts)
over 1 year
Thank you very much, Hilary.
11 months
Fantastic Juan! Live your colors and the reflection is great!:) welcome to the group.
over 1 year
Beautiful work absolutely gorgeous!

over 1 year
Thank you very much, Elisheva.
11 months
Beautiful atmosphere in this. Love the moonlight over the water and the sailboat. Fine work, Juan! (Comment for the group Sunrise/Sunset)
over 1 year
Thank you very much, Mary.
11 months
Beautifully done !
12 months
Thnak you very much, Paddy.
11 months
These are perfect reflections Juan Carlos, welcome to the "Reflections of any kind" group.
11 months
Thank you very much, Graham.
11 months
Love this. Very atmospheric.
11 months
Thank you very much, Laurence.
11 months
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I sometimes have great difficulty in deciding on the colour of my basecoat for my paintings.
Do you use a coloured under-painting for your work? And how do you choose the colour? According to the...
Artist Statement
for Juan Carlos Moreno Collado
Juan Carlos Moreno ColladoI live in Madrid (Spain), my birthplace. My artistic background is mostly self-taught. I feel a predilection for hyper-realistic style. And, although I have a special fondness for the oil, I like working with different techniques. I hope you enjoy the works that I expose in this website. I appreciate your criticism and comments.
How can I do the leaves better? I didn't want them to stand out to much but I think maybe a little more color would help. Not sure on them.
Nicely painted Sandra, and maybe extend 2 or 3 branches down towards chairs,and some leaves spread around ground with a little shadow will help... view answer
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