The Gardener's Daughter by Colin Cartwright

The Gardener's Daughter

12 x 8 inches watercolour on 235gm paper.

Daler Rowney, artist quality pans.
Good work my Friend as usual,a very traditional aproach with fantastic range of greens ! 5++++++AAAAAA.

Kind regards Bill
over 5 years ago
I need to create a bit of tweeness now and again. Balances some Yin, to the macho ship painting's yan!

Thanks Bill. Hope things are well.
over 5 years
It evokes very nicely the profusion of greenery and smells such a garden woul have.
over 5 years
Thank you, Madeleine. I'm mercifully transported there, when the pain gets really bad.
over 5 years
nicely done, i like the atmosphere.
over 5 years
Bella questa opera. Guardandola ti infonde tanta tranquillità.Buoni i colori. Un saluto Lino Molena.
over 5 years
Great! Love the composition, would be a great book illustration.
over 5 years
This is a lovely painting Colin. I love the setting, Beautiful. I wish you good health and hope you're feeling better. Jen
over 5 years
Thank you very much, Jen. Very kind of you to comment.
over 5 years
Lovely Colin!
over 4 years
Beautiful and very delicately done. Love the greenery and the composition as a whole. Excellent. Take care-Sharon
over 4 years
Beautiful old fascion painting. Love the colors and detail. Wonderful art. Nancy
over 4 years
Lovely motive with beautiful colors and fine light. Welcome to my group.
over 4 years
good idea adding the figure--it adds a lot.
over 4 years
Excellent theme and wonderfully done. Beautiful view. Take care-Sharon
over 4 years
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Colin CartwrightI started painting a few years ago.

I enjoy creating paintings. Producing them from a blank paper and a brush!

I paint landscapes, real and fantasy, seascapes, ships, trains and buildings. Always with lots of varying light.

It's great getting feedback from others.

Originals are available to buy or prints.
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Anyone else get fed up with doing the same old thing every time ? I feel i need a new direction,a change!
This is just beautiful. I do a variety of work and move from idea to what ever style I think the idea will work in. I don't paint so my work has a little... view answer
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