Sound and Vision by Will K Polley

Sound and Vision

Acrylic mixed media
Love this textured effect .. ~*~..
over 2 years ago
Great colors and impasto effect-wonderful work!
over 2 years
Thanks Ana!!! :)
over 2 years
Love this! Gorgeous work, the style, colors, texture are fabulous!! Really beautiful!
over 2 years
Very nice abstract..great work!
over 2 years
WOW! I love the textures and colours in this - I could look at this for hours! :)
over 2 years
Thanks Mandi!!!!!! :)
over 2 years
Has a metallic earthy feel to it. Nice composition and the title is very appropriate.
over 2 years
Thanks so much!!!
over 2 years
This is very interesting, and the texture and colours make it quite a painting....I do enjoy looking at it...Wanda Russell
over 2 years
I love the layers of texture and the movement of this painting.
over 2 years
fantastic abstract! I love the colors and the movement and texture. Bravo !
over 2 years
wonderful i rally like the fantasy of sound and wision, the colours are delightful!
over 2 years
Very nice abstract
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Will K Polley
Will K PolleyI was born in Wilmington Delaware but moved to a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia when I was six. Living on a farm “up a holler” was the best background to stimulate a young artistic mind. My parents {especially my mom} encouraged me from the very beginning; she said she knew greatness at a young age but that does come from my self-proclaimed biggest fan. I pursued every art lesson I could get in a small town and entered several grade school art shows winning first, second and third place ribbons, a couple honorable mentions and one best in show. I graduated from Fries High school in 1986. I went to Virginia Commonwealth University for a year after high school with hope of becoming an art teacher. It didn’t take long to...
I would be interested to have feedback on this as, despite having it in the pool twice, it is failing dismally. Would anyone care to give me a critique on what...
I like this simple composition. I drew many images for greeting cards and then printed them out and tried to sell as limited editions. I realized that the best... view answer
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