Flutter Bye! by Ma Brown Robbins

Flutter Bye!

Acrylic on canvas 14" by 18" I had a beautiful Tiger Lily plant, and these are some of the blooms, I used many layers of thin acrylic to get this deep color.
How could I not love this absolutely wonderful piece! Fabulous and all the best from Mike
over 5 years ago
Wonderful your work, Ma Brown. Excellent works you do. Congratulations. These are flowers I have in my garden and they're bloomig now. Thanks for sharing them with us, giving everyonwe this beautiful light. My best wishes, Isaura
over 5 years
Beautiful painting, so refreshing and the colors are amazingly blended for the effect.
over 5 years
Ma Brown, Wonderful detail here. Love your colors. darlene
over 5 years
This is beautiful. Your colors are so bright and lovely. I love it. Anne Marie.
over 4 years
Beautiful! Love the way the bright colors are up front in the painting.
over 4 years
This is such a beautiful painting-colors are so perfect! I also would love to learn to paint like this. Your work is so good-love so many of your paintings
over 4 years
just a beauty and the butterfly just adds the touch to a lovely finish. Jeanette
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Ma Brown Robbins
Ma Brown RobbinsA working artist for most of 45 years, teaching classes and 2 day workshops for 25+ years. I hope to continue doing shows, commissions,entering juried art contests and teaching painting. Selling art worldwide,and always looking to create unique, yet realistic work. Awards include Best in Shows, Reserves, Peoples Choices, Award of acceptance-New York, New York and others. To me art is therapy, ART is GOOD for the HEART! Happy Painting! Ma
This is a recent commission. This is one of two for the same customer. I'm selling them at a giveaway price. Just about covering the materials. Is it any...
It's obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into your work, this is excellent. I do the occaisional commission and like you let them go at little more... view answer
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