Pondering by Jo O'Brien-Welch


Jo O
Pastel on Mi-Teintes TEX paper. 50cm x 70cm. $1,200.00

When I first began painting in 2006, I painted what I loved and from the heart.Then I lost my way a little, following advice about not painting people, and that there is no market for it. I lost inspiration to paint after a while. I am back to painting from the heart and loved painting this painting!!! Yay!! market or no market. My beautiful daughter Kristen is my stunning model...:-)

This painting is also the start of a new beginning for me, as a single mum and I heal from the loss of family unity that I had had for over 20 years....:-) Moving forward!!!!!

Winner of 'Reserve champion' and 'Viewer Choice' award at the Bell art show. Also featured on page 2 of the Australian Artist mag, as an award recipiant of that show...:-)
Beautiful Portrait ,The water is great too,
Regards Bill.
over 4 years ago
Absolutely lovely! I love it. Regards Maureen
over 3 years
Another amazing painting, always follow your heart, it shows!
over 3 years
congratulations Jo, this is painted so beautiful, the colours proyecting a serene atmosphere, nice composition, I love it!!

kind regards from Rita.
over 3 years
This one is breathtaking.. Love it!
over 3 years
Absolutely gorgeous Jo. Amazing how when we return to the heart, such beauty is created. I love it.
over 3 years
over 3 years
Stunning Pastel.Love the ripples on the water and the folds on the dress just beautiful.
over 3 years
Amazing Beach Painting. I love it! Especially the whirlpools!
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Jo O'Brien-Welch
Jo OI am a self taught artist. I began painting in May 2006 with my first painting, Summer of '66, which is shown on this site. And now, 6 years on, I have completed many paintings, from birds, portraits, to old shops, and an old toy truck, and have enjoyed the journey. And now I just recently have begun to experiment with pastels. I put my heart and soul into every painting that I do, and I think that is evident in my work. Although most of my painting are quite realistic, I have tried to add a painterly aspect to them too.

I have a Facebook page, Jo O'Brien Welch fineart , where I also share my art new and progress photos of my paintings.

I love reading all the wonderful comment left on my paintings. Genuine feedback, good or bad, is...
Are these type of painting saleable? What kind of painting does everybody think very desirable to buyers?
Nicely done, whether a bird painting is saleable or not can largely depend on where you sell it and how parochial the domestic market is. In New Zealand I've... view answer
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