Raindrops on a Koi Pond by Bob Hahn

Raindrops on a Koi Pond

This is an oil on canvas.
The ripples and reflections are beautiful. Love the colourful Koi. Beautiful.
over 4 years ago
this is really beautiful.
over 4 years
incredible reflection.. amazing to look at.. 5*.. regards
over 4 years
.. devine..!
over 4 years
gorgeous!! love the colours and the water reflection is fantastic!
over 4 years
fantastic watercolour technique.wish i had a fraction of your talent.
over 4 years
This is so wonderful. The reflection and the rain disturbing the surface is fantastic. You have a great talent! Ling
over 3 years
Wow! Your work is amazing!
over 3 years
Love the colours, you have captured the surface of the water in a way very few can master. Wonderful!
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Bob Hahn
Bob HahnI am a retired Chemical Engineer by profession and a struggling artist by avocation.

As a self-taught artist, I have been doing artwork all my life. I have tried most media including pencil, pen and ink, etching, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I even tried a silver-point.

My favorite subject is wildlife. I enjoy painting animal portraits in their natural settings.

My beloved wife Patti died in my arms recently as have my two beautiful English Springer Spaniels, Lily Rose and Casey. I live alone now in Fallbrook, California. I haven't painted for a while, it is just too hard to paint through tears.
I haven't had much time for the pil site as of late...When you don't have enough time in your 'life" to paint, how does it make you feel?
Is this the Goddess Gaia? its look as if the Earth is waking up and find out she is a WOMAN! FANTASTIC ARTWORK, extremely well done! I am lost when I am not... view answer
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