Kim Novak by Juan Carlos Moreno Collado

Kim Novak

(2011) Graphite pencils and black Conté pencil for the background, 21 x 30 cm.
beautiful and expressive.
over 2 years ago
Thank yu very much.
over 2 years
Excellent portrait..
over 2 years
Thank you very much, Pramod.
over 2 years
Beautiful work. I think it's amazing that an artist can achieve this level of realism in pencil work. Very nice!
over 2 years
Thank you very much, Anthony
over 2 years
This is a wonderful pencil rendering Juan.
A truthful reflection of her beauty.

Kindest Regards,

over 2 years
Thank you very much, Rick.
over 2 years
Excellent work
regards Michael
over 1 year
Thank you very much, Michael.
over 1 year
Love this outstanding and masterfully done portrait!
over 1 year
Thank you very much, Dian.
over 1 year
Mmmmm es una fotografía... espléndido..
over 1 year
Muchas gracias, Gloria.
over 1 year
That's Her! LOVE those eyes and Gorgeous complexion... Wonderful hair, too! :)Brendax (Comment for the group Elegant Women and Fashion)
over 1 year
Thank you very much, Brenda.
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Juan Carlos Moreno Collado
Juan Carlos Moreno ColladoI live in Madrid (Spain), my birthplace. My artistic background is mostly self-taught. I feel a predilection for hyper-realistic style. And, although I have a special fondness for the oil, I like working with different techniques. I hope you enjoy the works that I expose in this website. I appreciate your criticism and comments.
What is your trick for getting likenesses when doing portraits. Anything that I can glean from you expert portraitists would be very beneficial?
Your painting is full of joy and made me smile. Getting a good likeness can be tricky. Do you do a pencil drawing first? If you do, you can break the canvas... view answer
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