The Old Boot by kevart

The Old Boot

Pencil sketch of an old leather boot.


Good art therapy, have you ever drawn or sketched an old boot or shoe every now and then?
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Very nice pencil, love it.
over 4 years ago
Thanks Yves, love old boots!
over 4 years
Great work!
over 4 years
Excellent drawing!!! Love it!!! Well done Kevart!!!
over 4 years
Excellent sketch, from my military experience looks like a jump boot, as in paratrooper style. But quite a few wore them with bloused fatigues or class A's. KUDOS & ******'s
over 4 years
Many thanks Michael, I was never in the military but did enjoy the Band of Brothers series & watched it last year for a second time. The boots are great to draw but probably were not always so comfortable to march or run in! Cheers, Kevin
over 4 years
Kevin, it's amazing but those boots were very comfortable. but had three pair to switch. Your sketch is amazing.
over 4 years
Great art has sometimes no need for color, complexity or an intellectual quest. This is a masterpiece and makes me love art and being part of this community. Thanks for the inspiration. Rick
over 4 years
amazing drawing sketch! Bravo!
over 4 years
So thats where it is....I have a left one just like this.....great stuff Kev.
over 4 years
I really like Your works and this one in particular!! Well done!
over 4 years
Brilliant drawing, like your style Kevart :)
over 3 years
the boots that will walk all over you...well done..very good pencil!!
over 3 years
This old boot drawing is so realistic and the leather, tongue, and eyelets are fantastic! I like this pencil drawing so much it has inspired me to draw a still-life.

Wonderful subject and drawing, excellent work!

Regards Angela Susan
over 3 years
Glad to have inspired you Angela, all the best in your art pieces this year. Kevin
over 3 years
stunning ,realistic and warm, gives the impression of love for all kinds of challenges with awesome results ...Talent& Love&Hardworking....Warm Regards ...anka
over 3 years
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kevartVisual communicator, honours degree in graphic design, illustrator, can work in a variety of medium. I taught for nearly 10 years in 3 prisons & a school in Kent. I was peripatetic among 4 establishments & in any given week was teaching 10-70 year olds all kinds of creative things in 4 art studios. I have had several exhibitions and will have more in the coming years. I use my art when speaking to children, young people & adults. We then moved to Norfolk and I did further teaching in schools, clubs and churches. This includes several after school clubs in art & chess, classroom art teaching in several schools.
I became a Christian in 1977, my life was transformed & naturally my faith reflects in my art. I enjoy animals,...
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Would you like to give any words on this? Specially all those of you who work with watercolours. I'm open to your critics.
Hello Isaura, this is so very delicate and beautiful. It has poetry. I love the sparkle and the way the leaf emerges from the dark into the light. Your... view answer
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