Old fence by Dean Vanson

Old fence

pencil drawing
for sale
I love your trees! you do your branches so well..i have a hard time with branches i cant make them flow like you do! you do awsome work!! this is one of my favorites! and title fits perfect!
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments i truly means so much! thank you!
over 5 years ago
Just incredible work - what a great gift you have
over 5 years
This is great and it is a pencil drawing , y ou've captured the light so well , fab the best so far I thinkxx
over 5 years
Thanks for comment on my portrait, go on have a go, mines old now (as I am ha ha!!) so I will have to do another one,maybe make myself look a tad younger !!xx
over 5 years
Love the hazy look of your drawing and the sunlight comming through. Well done. 5*****
over 4 years
I love this drawing Dean.....the light and haze..excellent! 5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Dean Vanson
Dean VansonIm just getting back into art. feel free to comment any feedback would be great.
I have noticed PopArt seems to get less comments than other forms of art, is it because it is thought of as a 60's thing or is there another reason?
HI Graham I am a fan of pop art so I really love this one , love the person leaning over to get what's needed on a hot summer's day , money for ice cream .. I... view answer
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