Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame by Gerry Caban

Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame

acrylic and tissue paper on canvas
wow ... perfect! Nice colors !
over 5 years ago
over 5 years
A fabulours, joyous and powerful portrait. Love the colour palette!
over 5 years
I absolutely love it:the style and colors!!!
over 5 years
Awesome, impressive, great expression, lovely colors and style,5***** and greetings from Aneli
over 5 years
I just love this painting. There is so much life and expression in it. The background is great.
over 5 years
fab work, love the style and colours
over 5 years
Wow, Gerry, this is an amazing portrait. Again, love the background and the colours. You have a great unique style! Love also the mood you created. Fabulous painting!
over 5 years
Gerry, I love your paintings!!! This style is unique!! Very well done!! Warm regards Angela
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Gerry Caban
The purpose of art is to inform and delight. Each work of art has its own level of intelligence. When you look at art what do you see?I paint what I know and love.I am a native Puerto Rican raised and educated in New Jersey. I 'm a huge fan of Vintage Hollywood,therefore my paintings reflect the old glamour of its stars. I work mostly with acrylics and use tissue paper in my backgrounds. My work has been discribed as poster pop art. I love using vibrant color in my pieces. The majority are on 11x14 canvas others are larger. I grew up during the 60s, hence my tribute to icons I love from that time period are represented here aswell. If they brought some measure of happiness to you then I succeeded in my mission.
I wonder how many here struggle with painting animals such as horses? I am out of my comfort zone trying to do them...any suggestions other than practice...
Hi Bevie, a nice composition. I would suggest checking out the equine artists who have written books on drawing and painting horses. There are quite a few... view answer
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