Believe by George Fairchild


Acrylic on canvas board, 14x18"

The world can be a crazy and cynical place…we are often confronted with misunderstanding and doubt…mistrust and suspicion…anger and hatred. It is exactly at those times that we need something to hold onto…to help put things in perspective…something to believe in…


Believe in compassion…in kindness and love…
Those purest of virtues…it’s what makes us special…

Believe in mankind and its capacity for good…
And in the inherent greatness that we all possess…

Believe in yourself…your gifts…your potential…
Never think that you can’t when you know that you can…

Believe in life and the wonders around us…
Take time every day to appreciate its beauty…

Believe in the future…that anything is possible…
Find hope in knowing that great things await you…

Believe in these things, but most of all,
Believe in your dreams…they really can come true…

I can see how much fun you are having. I feel like I am in a confetti storm. Love it!
over 3 years ago
Great one George,love the light blue effect,it is so important to 'BELIEVE',well done.
Best regards John
over 3 years
Great words to live by George, a colourful beautiful painting that brings inspiration to all of us here. 5*****
over 3 years
Love your beautiful abstract and your positive, inspiring words. Thank you for the reminding us to be grateful and to believe in our dreams. Your painting is a joyful expression.
over 3 years
great colors, very busy world 5* :}
over 3 years
love the fine organized detail and the bright colours, like the words as well :D
over 3 years
Hi GHPF! Great to see your lovely work with the positive message! As always I enjoy seeing your intricately done painting with so much energy and I Believe that your paintings truly inspire people!
over 3 years
Magnificent piece and poem,George. I am a Cynic by Nature,but I have belief.I know exactly what I am capable of,and it's knowing it that stops me doing the wrong thing. I just love the feeling behind this. Regards,Barry.
over 3 years
Wonderful energy, George! Beautiful words.
over 3 years
I would like to add,
even when it looks against us, believe you will find out later it was for the good.
5*for my inspiring friend,
over 3 years
I kept starring ,expecting to see some image materialize...sure had my attention
over 3 years
I belive....the beautiful words..that holding me..I look at your picture, at this fantastic chaos,what has a huge meaning...The positive colors the orderly chaos...I love your picture because has a sens. Greetings to You. :D A.
over 3 years
Beautiful ,,George,,,In a troubled time,, one can look out into the world either of two ways,,, One can either see negative,,and drown in their troubles. Or one can look out and see all of the wonderful little things out there,,that remind us, of why we are here. I can't really put it into words,,when 'one' feels content, in this moment, All I know is,;that in those moments,there is a spiritual atmosphere,,so beautiful,,that I know ,why,I do believe,, 5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 3 years
OHH,I LOVE this George!So Beautifully Done!I see a Zillion Faeries in this painting.There all says,HELLO...BELIEVE!For We are here:)Fantastic!Many Stars to you:)******!
over 3 years
You are very Welcome George:)Many Blessings of Love and LIGHT to You,HUGGLES to:)
over 3 years
beautiful with colors wow!5stars
over 3 years
Lovely work, very intricate piece,must have taken some time to do this one. Love the poem which is oh so true.
over 3 years
now I believe.:) Magnificent piece, George. Very good choice of colors.
over 3 years
My dearest funny George, again you prove what a wonderful master of colour and detail you are...your painting is quite hypnotic, I can see myself really getting lost in it, the longer I look at it. Love the title as well, suits your "happy" colours and really seems positive. Makes me wonder what was the biggest belief that gave you inspiration for this piece... belief in happiness? hope? love? faith? hmmmmm, I wonder... anyway...sending a big hug, G. S. (hope you figured the initials ahahahha)
over 3 years
This is a beautiful image. Love the expressiveness and high energy of it. It's such an inspiring piece. Kat Flint
over 3 years
" Find hope in knowing that great things await you…

Believe in these things, but most of all,
Believe in your dreams…they really can come true…"

Wow ... beautiful !!!! :)
over 3 years
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for George Fairchild
George FairchildLife is what happens to you
While you're busy making other plans...

- John Lennon
I struggle with backgrounds - getting it to relate to the subject etc.. do you have any suggestions to make it easier?
Pretty horse! Backgrounds are just that Jackie "in the back"...... you don't really want to draw the eye there - just a backdrop to 'present' your subject. ... view answer
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