Ick and Glibb B&W poster #1, or pg... by Rob the painter,Rawbrains,RtP

Ick and Glibb B&W poster #1, or pg 11

I am coloring on the computer so I am not able to add colored versions but here is the finished Ink drawing
I like this, it's imaginative and shows humour.
over 4 years ago
Is this a comic strip?
over 4 years
I liked it. It has a lot of details and you can watch and each time you see more
over 4 years
good drawing it would be intresting to see the work coloured.
over 4 years
Nice to see something like this here. Great dark humour and really strong lines. Good job!
over 4 years
I'm not familiar with Ick & Glibb, but your drawing is very good. Kind of scary, but good.
over 4 years
Is this a from your own comic strip? The Characters are interesting. I want to know more about Ick =)
over 4 years
you can view more of the comic at toonsup.com/rtp
over 4 years
Realy fun piece.love the comic pages.
over 4 years
as always great work and detail rob
over 4 years
Nice defined lines and detail...interesting!
over 4 years
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for Rob the painter,Rawbrains,RtP
Rob the painter,Rawbrains,RtPcartoon Artist Has a BFA in visual arts, Painting, Drawing from the University of Wisconsin, AA from Lake Superior College, Duluth, MN. Very much character oriented art.
l started this painting in acrylic but couldnt seem to get the black body right and ended with drawing in pastel. Has anyone else had trouble like this?
What a cutie! I've had trouble with white, and black. I had the darnedest time painting an old fashioned phone, which of course was white. It got so... view answer
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