' LISTEN ' rhino mother & calf... by Julia Ruffles

' LISTEN ' rhino mother & calf drawing

You can now watch me work - on my new blog! I will upload progress shots of new paintings and pencilwork with information on detailing and colouring...

This is probably my first artwork created solely with graphite, recently I have been glued to my screen looking at so much beautiful pencilwork on here that I was inspired to try my own.

I absolutely loved finding all the textures and the way the pencil really complements the thick patternation that rhinos skin has. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to capture these magnificent animals on paper and believe I cannot really appreciate their uniqueness until it has flowed through me and my artwork. It is the first of a lot more pencilwork that's for sure!

16" x 12"

I have now uploaded a close-up of the original too
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Artist Statement
for Julia Ruffles
Julia RufflesJulia is an entirely self-taught artist specialising in watercolour painting and graphite pencil art.

A self-proclaimed 'Perfectionist' with a love of detail, Julia works in a realistic style and pays meticulous attention to the tiniest of details. Showing an intimate look at nature, colourful accurate paintings allow her artwork to embrace contemporary and traditional styles.

Passion, brush technique and countless watercolour marks create the wonderful three dimensional qualities found within every painting, showcasing the beauty of each animal / landscape.

'...Watercolour as a medium (for painting) has a great strength yet subtle vulnerability that allows the delicacy of life to be portrayed...'

Thankyou for all your...
It's a while since using watercolour I found it a little difficult as I have been using acrylics and waterbase oils does this ever happen to you ?
Hi Maureen only last Sunday I was there and admiring the breakwaters and thinking I could paint them but I forgot to bring my camera there where really large... view answer
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