Warning Signs by John Szabo

Warning Signs

18" x 24" pencil on paper
Just accepted into the Phillips Mill juried Art Exhibition
this is fantastic..
over 4 years ago
Ditto on the above.
A fresh breeze....you chanel yourself.
Genius. Absolute genius, John.
over 4 years
love it! love it! love it! great to see really original work!!
over 4 years
Excellent rendering and imagination. Good luck with the show!
over 4 years
Oh my! John, You are amazing to be able to master something like this! You're very talented! All your works are stunningly creative!
over 4 years
John, I love you style! You must be brilliant! Very skillful work. I am in awe.
over 4 years
Well I just looked at your site (again) and to get a compliment like that from someone of your artistic ability is certainly flattering however I think you are the brilliant one!
over 4 years
Intriguing. So much to look at. Your eyes have to move through it again and again. Is this your dream or your nightmare?
over 4 years
Your masterful intricate work and thought-provoking concepts are worthy of hight praise and critical acclaim, John. So much to observe and take in, so much to think about. This is Art in its purest form.
over 4 years
Wow man. That is TRULY a compliment coming from you. I am a big fan of your work and to hear you say that has me on cloud nine man. Needless to say I feel that way about your work as well!
over 4 years
beautifully done!
over 3 years
Amazing mind and complexity. Movie Reel with all the adventures.
over 3 years
wow..awesome! :)
over 3 years
Fantastic artwork with a million details!!! Great composition and wonderful technique!...Bravo!
over 3 years
Hello John, This is Technically and Visually soo Perfect and breathtaking...As Perfect as the Human Body, You have Created Art in the most Highly and purest Sense!! The Concepts of Our Fragilities in This Living times Couldn't be expressed More Sensible than in this Magnificent Vision of Yours!
Congratulations and Thank You for Sharing so kindly!!
over 3 years
very, very cool... I really need to look at this more closely... beautiful detail and depth...
over 3 years
A pleasure to explore these warning signs.
over 3 years
This is a finely done. Very intricate detail. Gives a magnetic approach. Excellent.
over 2 years
Wow John, one of the best pieces of art I've seen! Really love it. regards, Claire.
over 2 years
oh wow!! sure looks like warning to the world...wow!!
over 2 years
over 1 year
Well done indeed
24 days
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Artist Statement
for John Szabo
John Szabo
Does silence help keep you focused when your doing your artwork? Do you get distracted easily with t.v. and other sound when you're working?
peaceful scene... I really like the detail up close. I think I become unaware of distractions around me. I always preferred studying in noisy places when I... view answer
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