Warning Signs by John Szabo

Warning Signs

18" x 24" pencil on paper
Just accepted into the Phillips Mill juried Art Exhibition
Wow! the next interesting artwork.
over 5 years ago
This is AWSOME..love your work! i could look at this for hours and find something eles hidden!..i love your work!..another 5 star..
I got a question how long does it take ya to do such an amazing drawing?
over 5 years
wow, that is incredible!
over 5 years
wow! this is incredible. i love art like this and your style of it is intense and so perfect...i am blown away.
over 5 years
thank you for your comment john. that is a sweet compliment coming from you.
over 5 years
min blowing awesomeness
over 5 years
this is just so amazing i can't believe anyone could do it. all i can do is splash color on canvas - you create a miracle.
over 5 years
Wow! Absolutely amazing. What wonderful detail. Excellent John.
Thanks for your kind comments too.
over 5 years
thank you john, for your sweet comments.
this one is so fantastic, i could look at it for hours...love the honey comb so much.
over 5 years
hope you are getting a pretty penny for these - you should be
over 5 years
John, such a great theme! Your work is always mind blowing, and pencil is my favorite media, but your work is so unique, and freaky cool!
The title is not lost to this artist. Indeed, we have had many warning signs to global changes. I hope this one makes you famous! ******************** stars!
over 5 years
Amazing piece!! How long have you been drawing may I ask? Chrisann
over 5 years
Very complex on many levels. Will enjoy coming back to look at it many times John!
over 5 years
my friend andy clemo and i are sharing a computer so my comment looked like it was from him..
my mistake..
i'll delete it soon.
i was sad to read these are not appreciated by galleries..they are so very good.
over 5 years
over 5 years
over 5 years
that is very kind of you john, thank you.
i appreciate your comments alot.
over 5 years
excellent work, it's like a symbolistic maze!
over 5 years
Hi John
My gosh thank you very much! I am from New Jersey but not Toms River... up north near PA. Please I am 48 and live in AZ now. How long have you been drawing? I bet a long time cause you have a great talent myfriend.
I really thank you for posting your comment. I just started this today and wasnt sure if anyone would like any of my work.
I did a pencil picture all in dots and I am trying to get a good photo to put on here and I would really like your feedback.
Please keep in touch and keep up your awesome art work! I am new at this site... so hopefully i sent this the right way... talk about old... LOL and just viewing the bio's which i will do... and read yours to.
over 5 years
Hi John ,you construct mechanisms perfect, I do not know what they are, but they work very well ! Really like your style !
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for John Szabo
John SzaboIf anyone is interested I will have three paintings included in the upcoming Agora Gallery juried exhibit in NYC.

I have noticed PopArt seems to get less comments than other forms of art, is it because it is thought of as a 60's thing or is there another reason?
Hello Graham,, love this very much dear. I'm not sure about PopArt and it's popularity , but I've ''sold'' many drawings,, more of a contemporary style,... view answer
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