Cry by Brian Scott
This has to be my all time favourite of yours! They are all amazing but this one touches me deeply!
over 3 years ago
So real just wonderful its a childs tears that makes us all feel sad. Jeanette S Couper.
over 3 years
Exquisite. thanks for sharing this.
over 3 years
Wow Brian! This is amazing, I can't believe this is pencil, well done. Bravo.
over 2 years
over 2 years
Fantastic work, Brian!
over 2 years
over 2 years
wonderful emotional piece done in colored pencil....excellent Brian!!!
over 2 years
Brian this blew me away!!!!!
cannot believe this is pencil...omg...stunning work!!
over 2 years
Brilliant art!! 5stars!!
over 2 years
Brian this is the most amazing pencil portrait I have ever seen! And when I try colored pencils it looks like a 2nd grade class Sir are a master with pencil. This is emotional but divine!
over 2 years
really nice
over 1 year
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If a work it OK to replace it with another? This repeat is not quite the same....does that make it OK?
Love the way you did this piece...beautiful style. As far as doing a copy, I have had that question from buyers. I try never to copy exactly but rather vary... view answer
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