blue heron by martin cenoz

blue heron

water color copy of ancient egyptian tomb painting
the shape of the heron has been drawn really well indeed, lovely multicolour, these really must have been fun - I must have a go some time, I am inspired by your works :) ***** Jules
over 5 years ago
Jules...thank you so much...this really has been quite fun!
over 5 years
I love that you painted this ancient art. I think in my next life (!?) I will be an archeologist! I am still fascinated by the Lascaux cave drawings. Nothing can stop creativity in artists, even prehistoric people.... I might someday do a painting based on those cave pieces, Regards to you...Joan
over 4 years
Thank you so much Joan...I think you should do the lasceaux
cave drawings and throw in some Spanish Altamira cave drawings as well!
over 4 years
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martin cenozIn order for me to reach the level of knowledge and execution that I desire in my work, I will need to live at least a couple hundred more years...Crikey!
I'm self-taught and don't know a lot about painting. Can you give me advice about shadowing? I know you don't just use black. I heard somewhere that you use...
OK Nancy, first I paint in either watercolour or acrylic paint when painting I have to clean my brushes so I have a system, now bare with me? it will make... view answer
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