Peacock Sun by Pruddygurl

Peacock Sun

Acrylic paints on canvas for sale.
Size 48" X 48".
Inspired by the colours of the Male Indian Blue Peacock. The male is actually called the "Peacock" and the female a "Peahen". The male will display its beautiful plumage when trying to get the attention of a certain female. It is the national bird of India.
Love the cute squigglies, how do you do that??? Like, how do you get the acrylics to do neat droplets like that?
over 3 years ago
Pruddygurl I love this and your imagination brilliant xx
over 3 years
Wow, I'm awed by the detail and your patience. It looks like an embroidery. The colours are lovely and you've achieved a beautiful flow. LOVE LOVE it!
over 2 years
At first I thought this was embroidered, but it is beautifully painted, what a great creative piece of artwork, I love it.
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Pruddygurl
My paintings reflect my love of the Earth and Universe surrounding us. They may have a story to help educate about the existences inside and outside our world, or it can just be simple observation, an admiration of creation. I am spirit lead as well as inspired by Aboriginal and ancient mosaic art. Every painting is unique, being that no two are alike. With that being written, I will add that no painting is ever perfect. It is done freehand, for I believe beauty can be found in imperfections.
If any interest for purchase, I can try to closely duplicate the colours from a previous painting if desired, or, you can choose from my other unsold collection of work, or.. I can also create a "sun" with your personal colours of choice....
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Strictly Abstract
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Ape family
Added this dark background to the previous painting, now wish I hadn't! So please would you suggest anything I could do now to improve it again, or is it...
this is a lovely tiger, hilary. if u were going to do anything a bit of orange in the blue so you can blur out from him into the blue cloud in levels to add... view answer
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