Mino by Theodore D Robinson


45x54 cm pencil, ink, & black spray paint portrait of my friend Mino.
Excellent detail and shadow!!
over 4 years ago
Thx Junita!!
over 3 years
beautiful subject and well done portrait.
over 4 years
My thanks Sanela!
over 3 years
Hats off, this is just perfect, cant get much better then this I would say :)
over 4 years
Thank you so much Kenneth!
over 3 years
stunning hair
amazing shading
over 4 years
Merci Yeser!
over 3 years
superb work. The hair is amazing and this looks so very real. Love the light on his face.
over 4 years
Thank you Janelle!
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Theodore D Robinson
Theodore D RobinsonWelcome.
Please contact me for any questions about my work, commissions, sales, and/or upcoming shows. Thanks for visiting my work.
Best regards,
Theo Robinson
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How do people react to portraits of girls such as Danielle, should they not be as important as the portraits of more normal people?
Hi Duncan firstly Danielle's portrait is beautifully painted , I love the way she is concentrating on putting her watch strap into the buckle her relaxed... view answer
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