Cliffs at Folegandros Greece by Paul Douglas

Cliffs at Folegandros Greece

Folegandros, is one of the lesser visited Cyclades Islands. It's still very traditional and unspoiled, and has some wonderful sea cliffs. This view is from the Chora (town centre). The sunsets here are a wonder to behold. I tried to capture the blinding brilliance of the sun, just before sunset.
Acrylic on Board 20"x16".
very beautifully done paul. love the way you have done the light on the sea..janet xx
over 5 years ago
It looks wonderful there, really gorgeous colours on the sea where the sun is shining, and very realistic rocks, so well painted, love it.
over 5 years
Beautiful painting, love the waves rolling in and the contrast of water and rock. The sun's on the water is splendid!
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for Paul Douglas
I took up painting about 25 years ago and became interested in seascapes through the works of American artist E John Robinson, who has published some great books on the subject (Thanks E J). I've also been influenced by Byron Pickering and Geoff Hunt among others. I'm interested in capturing a sense of the "elemental", or in other words the forces which lie behind the visible world. If you've ever stood on the deck of a ship on windy night under a full moon, you may have a sense of what I mean by this. Some people may describe it as "atmosphere", but there's more to it than that, as it involves a subconscious connection to the true nature of our selves and the material and spiritual worlds in which we abide. In trying to capture this, I...
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