Upon Reflection by Mal Snape

Upon Reflection

Acrylics on canvas. For Sale.
Refections of sky scrapers reaching for the skies. 30" x 30"
Mal, This is brilliant..what a great idea ...(wish I`d thought of it )
over 6 years ago
I love this - the way the skyscrapers curve in the glass, and the distinct, tidy imposition of the windscreen-wiper
over 5 years
Cheers Andy, sometimes I wonder if people actually know what it is they are looking at when they see thae painting :)
over 5 years
Amazing idea.- Good work!
over 5 years
Thank you :)
over 5 years
Congratulations to this exciting painting, Mal. Such a great idea!!! Excellently painted! My greatest compliments from Christiane
over 5 years
Thank you very much Christiane
over 5 years
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I,m a bit insecure with this painting,although I have had support from my family, I would like some feedback, is there anything you would have done differently...
Hello Brenda, love the idyllic scene of the lake Louise! My only observation would be the mountains at the top, Carrying to much weight in this composition; I... view answer
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