Orange Turban by chris redwood snr

Orange Turban

Oil on canvas.
My version of Tamara de Limpicka famous work, an alltime favourite of mine.
Your girl looks so French, a Victor Hugo's heroine, though she is nearly the exact clone of Lempika's famous painting, yours has more innocence in her eyes! Exquisite!
over 5 years ago
What lovely things to say, The eyes are quite strange, everybody tells me they follow you around, my warmest regards, Chris
over 5 years
Very inspiring piece indeed Chris. Very well done!
over 5 years
Thank you very much Kostas, regards, Chris
over 5 years
Love this one! great harmony, fabulous palette and texture. talking eyes. Kisses, Giorgia
over 4 years
Thank you very much Giorgia, warm regards, Chris
over 4 years
beautiful achievement awesome
over 4 years
Thank you very much Enrique, my best wishes, Chris
over 4 years
Love your various styles and figures/portraits....this one is excellent and great tones!!
over 2 years
Thank you very much for looking through my paintings Michael, my best wishes, Chris
over 2 years
softly spoken and stylish work. I'm not familiar with the original, but I can see how you've emulated her painting style nonetheless
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for chris redwood snr
chris redwood snrPro Musician since 1963. Art for me is a means of finding a sense of space and freedom in a world full of complications. I have no one style, just paint for personal satisfaction.
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How do people react to portraits of girls such as Danielle, should they not be as important as the portraits of more normal people?
Hi Duncan firstly Danielle's portrait is beautifully painted , I love the way she is concentrating on putting her watch strap into the buckle her relaxed... view answer
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