Candela by Karol Fern Sample


Oil on Canvas, 14" x 11" For sale.

She is a combination of different traditions of myth and deity... She came to me out of an organic process and introduced herself as a "Candela" or Eventide (High) Fairy.. I am happy to learn (and now I remember) that this posture is similar to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. High Fairies are like angels and goddesses both, are less mischievous than other fairies, and actually help as overseers of other fairies. Candelas are very fond of humans and are skilled in healing human bodies..they travel the globe mainly at night and bring comfort and peace to the humans whom they visit. There are often unexplained healings whenever a Candela has anonymously paid a visit to an ailing human.. I believe they also bestow good fortune on their human hosts as well..which would explain her Lakshmi-like pose. Her "wings" were another intuitive gesture that I later understood as the Eye of Horus, only abstracted to create a sort of windblown hairstyle that denotes psychic vision. This entire painting was a clairvoyant experience that filled me with immense peace and pleasure. :)) Also, her hairstyle is also all about if she is lit up like a candle. Candelas tend to glow like fireflies as they travel..
beautiful style! love it!
over 4 years ago
dear Sonja...thank you very much!! I am honored :)
over 4 years
speaking of fun!!! this is adorable, delightful, interesting, well done and i love it much!!
over 4 years
hee hee....thank you very much .. she WAS fun and delightful and all those other things, too!
over 4 years
A wonderful concept beautifully painted in your unique and fabulous style, Karol. Love it.
Kind regards, Peter
over 4 years
Peter, thank you for your wonderful means a lot to me :))
over 4 years
This is so unusual I find it very visually fascinating and attractive.
over 4 years
Hi Angela, thank you very much..i'm glad you find it unusual and fascinating!
over 4 years
It is also very beautiful, love the layering and delicate translucent paint.I had to come back and have another look.
over 4 years
wow..thanks again, Angela! :)
over 4 years
i feel so calm viewing her... so very beautiful xxx
over 4 years
thanks again, jules, what a lovely comment :)) xx
over 4 years
Magical and it really intrigues!
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group Shimmery Art
, and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
over 4 years
thank you Alison...would love to be a part of this group!
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Karol Fern Sample
Karol Fern SampleAlthough I reside in Seattle, Washington, I live in a world completely inhabited by my own inner landscapes, archetypes, characters, and personal mythologies. My artwork brings this world out into the light and breathes life into the only place that I really fit in. As artists, you may agree that you don't necessarily need to explain images, you just need to feel them. It's great to be able to share my work here :)))
have you ever done a piece that you don't understand and even when finished you have no idea how to interpret?
This really is a lovely piece Maria. When I look at it my mind wants venture in a bunch of different directions. I am not generally drawn towards the abstract... view answer
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