Caught by the Storm by dave rheaume

Caught by the Storm

Based on a snowstorm that struck Raleigh, North Carolina, in the 1930's.
Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 36".
This is a great style. It's hard to paint the night. ou did an excellent job. Love the reflection in the ice too!
over 6 years ago
i could look at your work for hours.
i really like the way it makes me feel inside, looking at it.
over 6 years
This is amazing! Good perspective, the wind blowing on the womens coats, the reflection of the store in the foreground. I think this is my favorite painting so far.Good job Dave. Regards Brigitte Meskey
over 5 years
I love your style, Dave! I also watched your video on U-Tube, now that it is on PIL, you'll likely get a lot of attention for sure.

In this particular piece I like the way you almost romanticized winter, and - to me - that's not easy! I love the reflections in the puddles (all forgetting about how annoying they are when you are walking!) and the snow crystals shining in the lights... I like the way you use the shadows to show perspective/light source. Your style very much reminds me of a local artist, Joan McGregor, who passed away a few years ago.

Can anyone join your artist group, or is this a "local" thing?
over 4 years
Are you referring to the North Light Group? We actually haven't been that active with it in the last few years. It's a name my brother and I use if we set up group shows. So it's a convenient 'banner' so to speak, and we also have changed up who exhibits with us. We could consider doing a group show down the road. Usually the members have some sort of story to tell in the artwork, but I really like your work, so we could definately work together. 2 questions: are you in Toronto and do you ever paint figurative pieces?
over 4 years
No, I'm in Grand Forks, British Columbia, it's kinda close to Nelson. But yes, I do paint portrait type pieces as well, or landscapes, have not posted many (there are a few realism pieces, mostly sketches, in my PIL gallery, plus I have a website ( there is more realism going on as well. I go through phases where I simply must paint something tangible, real, and I can feel it coming soon - actually, your style really inspires me! I just love it! I'm also a huge fan of the Group of Seven, and have "copied" a few of theirs before.
over 4 years
Hi again! your paintings are lovely, a real air of nostalgia for times past. the figures especially with the fashions, and the art deco lettering in many of them. not surprised you are selling loads and featuring in art magazines - well done, your work is impressive! best regards, helen
over 4 years
Another winner Dave; you have such a unique perspective. Super feeling here.
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for dave rheaume
dave rheaumeSelf-taught artist of Metis (French and Native) ancestory. Founding member of the North Light Artists Group, along with brother Ross who also paints.
I was born in Ottawa and moved to Toronto in 1985. Most of what I remember as a child is being outdoors in mountains of snow.
I have worked directing and editing television and commercials for 28 years. Part of what I have learned in the field of television (composition, lighting, and story sense) is what I try to bring to my paintings. I work in acrylic. I have paintings in private collections in Canada and the U.S. I recently won the Emily Carr Legacy Award at Ottawa Art Expo, and the Arabella Award, which means I'll be featured in an upcoming issue of their international art...
I struggle with backgrounds - getting it to relate to the subject etc.. do you have any suggestions to make it easier?
If you struggle it doesn't show. This looks great with the background you've chosen. I like the angle of the horses face aligning with the vertical of the... view answer
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