Bodyscape I by Horacio Cardozo

Bodyscape I

Oil on canvas - 92x61cm
So real, and yet such a great background. I Love it-
over 8 years ago
really really great! and yes, the background is fantastic too. lovely contrast with the curves in her body
over 8 years
OMG!...looks so real!ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC!I love the perfection of this piece!My goodness! Rose
over 7 years
Fantastic work!!, Jose
over 7 years
incredible stuff.. so so incredibly detailed.. hard to take my eyes off .. amazing skin tone.. wil u show that beautiful face.. too tantalizing..! galaxy of stars for you
over 6 years
exquisite work! i love the patterns and the composition! love it!!
over 6 years
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Artist Statement
for Horacio Cardozo
Horacio CardozoHoracio Cardozo was born in Argentina where he studied Architecture and Design at Buenos Aires University and Philosophy at Del Salvador University. His drawing skills and his admiration for fine arts, especially those of the Renaissance period, led him to explore a career in painting since 1987. His oil paintings display a touch of surrealism and express mythical ideas and concepts as well as philosophical themes. His eagerness to understand the inherent relationship between human nature, the universal order and the underlying reality leads him to create images that attempt to explain that which defies reason. His nude and semi-nude series set in a mystic aura are tinted with a subtle beauty. He has participated in many group exhibitions...
Do you paint ever in watercolours as well as acrylic , oils. If so what is your favorite medium to paint in ?
I like it, Michelle and like you am how just getting into watercolours ( instead of pastels). I find that it is difficult to get strong colours and contrasts.... view answer
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