Red Earth by Joy Hahn

Red Earth

Acrylic. Painted about eight years ago on acid free card painted from a photo. When I visited some years later I was amazed at the "Red Earth".
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Joy, this is superb! Love those reds and browns, very well painted, great it!
over 4 years ago
Thanks for your kind comment Jack :)
over 4 years
Only in Oz Joy. No where else can you find this red earth and white gums surely! Beautifully painted. Love it! Jen
over 4 years
Thanks for your lovely comment. Your right only in Oz :)))
over 4 years
Typical Ozzie bush scene.
Makes you want to roam around for kangies and koalas.
The gum trees (which one of the 137 species) are spot on.
Love it!
over 4 years
Hi Mario....Thanks for your encouraging comment.:)Have no idea which gum it is of those 137 but I know where it grows :))
over 4 years
As I look again at this painting I am inspired to paint a landscape again. :) Thanks for your encouragement :)
over 4 years
brilliant, beautiful work
over 4 years
Thanks for the comment Jonny :))
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Joy Hahn
Joy Hahn
Is it really so hard to give substance in an abstract or it is just because is my first try? Any comments and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks so much!
Hi Christina, if this is a first abstract, i think you have done really well here, such vibrant energy going on, and I don,t think there is any rules to... view answer
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