Vincent Hesse & Douglas Laws by Jolante Hesse

Vincent Hesse & Douglas Laws

My father (with the monocle) and his broadcasting partner. They hosted a few radio shows together in the time before TV arrived in South Africa.
From a tiny press photo taken sometime in the 60's.
beautifully achieved love it
over 4 years ago
Thanks so much Enrique!
over 4 years
this is so interesting... I think I see the story and emotion and can't really comment very well on the artistic technique
over 4 years
Thanks so much Cindy!
over 3 years
magnificent job ***** 1/2
over 4 years
Thank you Enrique!
over 3 years

i love it! very engaging work & colorful charachters!

:) tab
over 3 years
They were... thanks so much tab!
over 3 years
great faces and use of line ~ needs a caption!
over 2 years
Thank you Sue; what do you mean with 'needs a caption'?
over 2 years
I like this different side of U Jolante. This charcoal sketch is super kewl! Love it!! Sincerely Douglas...:>)
over 2 years
Thanks Douglas. Many of my drawings turn out this way.
over 2 years
I love this.
I love the harsh contrast...make it look like an old newspaper photo.
over 1 year
Thank you very much Jody!
over 1 year
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Jolante HesseSome years ago I survived a serious attack on my life; and during the year of physical (and emotional) recovery I did two drawings - and loved the activity.

I mustered the courage to enroll in art classes 4 years ago. I've been painting for about a four years now. It is both agonising and wonderful.

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