High Flying Archibald by Mark

High Flying Archibald

Oil on canvas board 20" x 24"
More M/C Art....great stuff Mark....fantastic painting...keep `em coming, Keith.
over 4 years ago
excellent painting. I love the way you blurred the background but made the rider so in focus....like a photo
over 4 years
Amazing true to real life, Mark. You did not miss one detail in this stunning "motion" painting! Congratulations to you! Christiane
over 4 years
Excellent detail and strong colour. The motion of the bike, is really good, due to being slightly in the air.
over 4 years
hi mark... really like this..good scenery too
over 4 years
Fabulous work and great detail! Oil is tough and you mastered it beautifully! I don't why car and motorcycle art doesn't get the exposure like a picture of a flower or puppy! Well I will be watching and waiting!
over 4 years
Very well done, Mark, great detail and sense of movement.
My son rides a Ducati and is going to a track this weekend to do some real riding, with all the proper gear. Regards, Netta
over 4 years
This looks so real! You have captured the movement and the realistic look of the cycle and the surroundings!
over 4 years
Lovely speed!
over 4 years
SPECTACULAR awesome wow brilliant, all that and more. Fantastic painting Mark:))))
over 4 years
A wonderful job... lots of speed in this one. Well done!
over 4 years
Every detail is amazing, love the shadows on the ground, incredible perspective!
over 4 years
You've got a great talant, I love it
over 4 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group Motorcycles, and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.

awesome piece (accepted)
over 3 years
Excellent in every way, very good detail, well done.
over 3 years
This is just brilliant - hope he hasn't got the suspension set too hard for landing!
over 2 years
Very nice work Mark, a moment in time at Ballaugh.
over 1 year
Great movement and drama in this work, and this is eyecatching!!..
over 1 year
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for Mark
Originally from Plymouth, UK. Now living in NJ, USA.
My love is motorsport, mainly motorcycles, but every now and then I diverse into other genres.
I would like to ask you if any of you can help me in the effort of finding Israel landscapes to suit me as backgrounds. Tghis moment I?m very interested in...
Hi, Isaura, thank you for crediting me with the title! I am sorry I didn't see your painting on PIL earlier, as I often forget to check "following", now that... view answer
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