meiji temple tokyo japan by Fran McGarry

meiji temple tokyo japan

Watercolour in Sepia
Beautiful work Fran! Superb composition and brilliant use of a limeted palette...
over 4 years ago
Thank you Jolante
over 4 years
terrific work in sepia watercolor, good job depicting snow :}
over 4 years
Thank you Loretta
over 4 years
Fran, beautiful work!
over 4 years
Thank you
over 4 years
I love it, it's got the feeling of one of those old wood block prints!
over 4 years
thank you very much
over 4 years
beautiful scene, I love the snow and the silhouetted trees
over 4 years
very beautiful!
over 4 years
Fran, I love this elegant composition, and your wonderful technique. Gorgeous!
over 4 years
Fran another stunning piece!! You never cease to blow me away with your ability to handle this medium..or any. Bravo and a million stars! Marg :) x
over 4 years
Very well done Fran! It really looks like an old piece of Asian art. Love the white spray of snow over the top. Beautiful effect with the 2 layers of foliage. Love it! Jen
over 4 years
I love the simplicity of both line and color of this painting. Well done! :) Lyn
over 4 years
This is brilliant, Fran. Great work of art, and it is truly conveys the very spirit of old Tokio. Thanks for sharing.
over 4 years
Hi Fran!!!!!!! Wow...I love this magnificent watercolor....the sepia effect with the contrast of the snow is very beautiful...very nicely done!!! Warm regards, George
over 4 years
wonderful feeling of snow coming down
over 4 years
I really like your clever, yet simple use of contrast to provide the sceen with depth. Great job!
over 3 years
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Fran McGarryHi my name is Fran Mcgarry. I live in UK and I am a self taught artist. I started painting in 2004.
2005 SAA finalist Artist of the Year.
2007 Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2008 Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2009 Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2009 SAA Amateur Artist of The Year Award.
2009 SAA Artist of The Year Best Still Life Award.
2009 RWA Encore Exhibition.
2011 Ian Black Small Painting Prize Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2012 Bath Society of artist Exhibition.
2012 SAA Artist of the Year Best Amateur Still Life.
2013 Front Cover Artist for SAA Magazine November Issue.
2016 Finalist SAA Artist of the Year.
I now teach watercolour painting in Bristol UK. Some of my Paintings are for sale. If you...
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Do you ever get "stuck " on a work? this is a replacement for one that was burned up completely in "That" fire. It is the 10th in a series of 21 Images.
Yes, of course I do get "stuck" on a work sometimes. Then I leave it and get back to it (sometimes a year or years later) when I have an idea how to finish.... view answer
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