snowdonian vally by p marley

snowdonian vally

now my 5th painting, and so enjoying it,hopefully be better with time.
Love it, the more you paint the better you get!
over 4 years ago
Hey P, i saw on your profile info that you wrote that your "not very good yet", well.. i think your brilliant! keep it up i love your work! :)
over 4 years
Hello P - you amaze me with your progress. Well done. I hesitate to comment more but if you want some hints - let me know. I don't want to you to think you are doing anything wrong.
over 4 years
I can't say I'm qualified to spout wisdom, but if I can help it would be a pleasure.
over 4 years
Ooooo! Beautiful! I'd like to be there and just chill. Lovely work. :)
over 4 years
Well done ! looks good enough to have a dip or just paddle my feet in the lovely little stream feeding into the river ! warm rgds, leonora
over 4 years
Lovely, sweet and peaceful landscape p Marley...
The soft green is wonderful.
The little poppies in the front so cute...
Love the birds in the sky to..
Very well done.
Kind regards, Robert
over 4 years
I really like this one. Sunny and very nice to look at. Good depth too
over 4 years
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for p marley
p marleyhi all, well this is the only photo of me where im not pulling faces or falling over,larger in hand, but it was on holiday. im a 42year old mum of 3 sometimes lovely boys, havnt really drawn or painted anything since leaving school, but now ive found a hobby which im realy starting to enjoy, not very good yet but who knows in time eh!
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The Love of Passion
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Red, red, red
How can I do the leaves better? I didn't want them to stand out to much but I think maybe a little more color would help. Not sure on them.
Nicely painted Sandra, and maybe extend 2 or 3 branches down towards chairs,and some leaves spread around ground with a little shadow will help... view answer
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