Untitled - Aug2010 by Hakansen

Untitled - Aug2010

A great composition. I love the contrast too..love it!!
over 2 years ago
colours are very good :)
over 2 years
I love this painting..the reds and the blacks so bold
over 2 years
Like the bold colors and the shapes!
over 2 years
I am not going to pretend i understand this painting but that doesn't matter, i like it anyway. Dark and mysterious.
over 2 years
Well designed image and the colors are very dynamic.
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Hakansen
Added this dark background to the previous painting, now wish I hadn't! So please would you suggest anything I could do now to improve it again, or is it...
amazing painting... i saw it this morning... late for work looks like he's doing the hokey pokey in a very serious way or maybe ballroom dancing really... view answer
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