It was so green down by the river by Leonora

It was so green down by the river

trying some more impressionism - this one's not from a photograph or of anywhere I know, just imagined a nice peaceful spot by the river.
Leanora,I enjoyed wondering at your corner, you have very sweet talent, great imagination and firm hand! I love your work! Happy New year! Cheers, Zina
over 5 years ago
And what a beautiful peaceful spot your imagination found for you to show us in this beautiful painting.
over 4 years
many thanks xx L
over 4 years
So very pretty Leanora. good work.
over 4 years
many thanks xx L
over 4 years
pretty darn cool for being made how refreshing all the greens feel
over 4 years
many thanks xx L
over 4 years
Absolutely gorgeous!!
over 4 years
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LeonoraI grew up on the west coast of Scotland and I now live in Cambridgeshire, England, I have a long time love of art which has never been realised. Life, raising a family, and a lot of hard work in a demanding career got in the way, no regrets about that though, my 4 children are beautiful and the highlight of my life always ! But since becoming seriously ill last year my life has changed dramatically. Painting is now a great joy and a great challenge ! - the talent and the wonderful artists and friends on this site have given me so much , thank you ! I apologise to all my friends if I don't always get back to you quickly on comments or emails as my health is up and down these days.
Am away for a couple of weeks in Aug, catch up with you...
Are these type of painting saleable? What kind of painting does everybody think very desirable to buyers?
If we knew the answer to that question, we would not be starving artists!! LOL and then we would be pandering to the tastes of the public and not to the... view answer
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