Maria Divine by Nora Blansett

Maria Divine

Original Watercolour by Nora Blansett.
OHH,Is she ever Adorable!Love her Sweet Face and Eyes!Beautiful Setting.Lovely Flowers!LONG gloden Locks:)Well done!
over 2 years ago
Beautiful - I like the dreamy expression on her face. She reminds me of those 1960s 'dollybird' fashion paintings.
over 2 years
love your leaf and flower shapes. This work makes me think of stained glass.
over 2 years
stunning artwork love it !
over 1 year
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Nora Blansett has always been an artist, though she's had no formal training. She began drawing as a very young child and had her first gallery show when she was in her early teens. Growing up internationally she spent most of her childhood bouncing from country to county with "home" being Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In her teens she moved to Montgomery, Alabama and currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada. The primary mediums she works in are ink, colour pencil, and watercolours. Her award-winning work is collected around the globe, published in various magazines and books and licensed for a variety of products. For more information, please check out my website:
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Living abroad had a...
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I can almost 'smell' this painting Graham. It is very very good. I do not like the idea of using other peoples work for teaching or for anything else really. ... view answer
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