Palace of Pena, Sintra, Portugal by Jude

Palace of Pena, Sintra, Portugal

acrylics and oils on canvas. 90cm x 90cm
This painting is of the beautiful Palace of Pena in the old village of Sintra in Portugal. It sits right at the top of the mountain and has far reaching views of the countryside. It has a magical feel to it.
...and you put all magic into it...great!!!:)
over 5 years ago
Cheers :-)
over 5 years
Fabulous!!! The word "magical" comes to mind.
over 5 years
Gwen - thank you :-)
over 5 years
Nice impressionistic urban landscape...I especially like the muted colors.
over 5 years
Julie Thank you
over 5 years
Greetings Jude!
An electrifying work which captures something of the real spirit of the palace. I know the place. Well done.
over 5 years
Hi Bob,

Thank you - I'm pleased to hear from someone who knows it and understands how magical it is. :-)
over 5 years
very good
over 5 years
Thank you Ase. :-)
over 5 years
I love this and am drawn to it also because I live in Lisbon which is near Sintra! I was here at the Pena Palace recently. Super painting!
over 5 years
Hi Ana,
We used to live in Cascais and know the area of Lisbon well. Beautiful place. Sintra has special memories for me and the Palace is something which will always stay in my mind. Thank you for your comments. :-)
over 5 years
Jude. not an easy painting, you did a great piece, I love it.
Tony Blacetti
over 4 years
Thank you Tony - I know buildings are always difficult. I don't usually enjoy painting or drawing them but this Palace is so magical that I enjoyed using an expressive style to depict it.
over 4 years
Great Giselle. Different but awesome. Big hugs, Isaura (Comment for the group Portugal in Art)
over 3 years
Thank you Isaura :-)
over 3 years
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