Crocodile Country by rex woodmore

Crocodile Country

Crocodile Country by Rex WOODMORE. A crocodile amongst water lilies leaping at a Major Mitchell Cockatoo in the Outback of Western Australia. 29x31cm. Gloss Acrylic on Canvas.$375
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Hope he got away! I like the style of this.
over 2 years ago
Yep!He got away.Thanks for the style comliment.
over 2 years
Beautifully rendered piece, Rex! I also hope it got away.
over 2 years
Thanks Gwen,Yes, he lives to smile at the crocodile, once again.
over 2 years
Very nice and great detail
over 2 years
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rex woodmoreFamous Tree Paintings -
Australian Artist Rex Woodmore
Best known for my family friendly paintings of trees, my work is produced with high quality acrylics on canvas, canvas panel or stretched canvas, finished in a compatible gloss.
I have clients with my work proudly displayed on the walls of their homes or workplaces in USA, UK, Taiwan, Vietnam & Australia (WA, SA, Qld, ACT).
September 2013, I had not painted for months, but I was re-inspired, when Italian Graphics company, Fiordo, noticed my work. Then Mondadori (Italy’s largest book and magazine publisher & the third-largest publisher of consumer magazines in France) approved a digital image of my painting ‘Jacaranda Journalism’ for the cover of L’ALBERO DEI FIORI VIOLA’ a Book...
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Added this dark background to the previous painting, now wish I hadn't! So please would you suggest anything I could do now to improve it again, or is it...
amazing painting... i saw it this morning... late for work looks like he's doing the hokey pokey in a very serious way or maybe ballroom dancing really... view answer
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