Sunflower Chakra by Debbie Le Roux
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Artist Statement
for Debbie Le Roux
Debbie Le RouxI'm a South African, now living in Sydney. I have no formal training in fine art but learnt much from my father, Ray Holing, who is a fine artist. He has taught me much about light, colour and composition. His love of wildlife and photorealism continues to inspire me. My fondest memories are of times I spent sitting on his knee while he painted African wildlife.

My work is varied and my subject matter tends to be mainly African in nature. I don't have the space at the moment to paint canvases that take a long time and so I am painting more expressive canvases these days.

Africa is in my blood and I see glimpses of her everywhere. Painting and drawing is a cathartic process for me. I have always been a keen writer and am a...
Do you feel a lesser artist because you need the crutches of images to be inspired? because thats how I feel...I have used often photos, though I always...
My goodness, this is a beautiful painting. Many of my paintings are from photographs and I too feel the same apprehension as you about being a lesser artist. ... view answer
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