untitled by Alex SH


Oil on canvas. 26.0 x 22.0 cm. (10"
1/4 x 8" 1/2). 2011 NYC. For sale.
Thumbnail caught my attention. This is very good indeed....my mind is already wandering about. :-)
over 2 years ago
Anooooooooother gem, gem, geeeeeeeem!! The...coooooolours!! The...coooomposition!! Sooooo mysterious and mystical and maaaaaagical!! Adoooooore this!! 5*++++++ Hugs, Charlotte
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Alex SH
Alex SHArtist's Statement

My paintings represent a synthesis of two divergent directions: surrealism and reality. All of my works are improvisations on an undefined theme.

When beginning a new piece, my imagination takes over and I randomly place my paints on the canvas. As a result, a new work is born. I fell this way of working is true creativity. It is not the thoughtless copying or imitation of known "Masters of Brush".

I purposely do not give any special title to my paintings, only sequential numbers. By doing this, I give to the viewer freedom of interpretation and the privilege to choose his own title for the painting. My intention is to force the viewer to get intimately in touch with his own inner reality and find...
Added this dark background to the previous painting, now wish I hadn't! So please would you suggest anything I could do now to improve it again, or is it...
amazing painting... i saw it this morning... late for work looks like he's doing the hokey pokey in a very serious way or maybe ballroom dancing really... view answer
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