А surreal simulacrum of Salvador... by Drago

А surreal simulacrum of Salvador Dali

Oil on canvas, 47x56cm. Dedicated to the Master Jedi :-)

FOR SALE - e-mail me at: dragoart (at) abv.bg

Prints are available.
Brilliant composition, great colors and contrast! Love it!
over 3 years ago
Great piece. I love paying respect to the Masters that inspire myself.
over 3 years
Wow this is a fantastic Dali portrait! Very cool very well done Drago!!:)
over 3 years
Wonderful study, well done Drago. love it.
over 3 years
Welcome to my group Drago.
over 3 years
Great "take" on Dali.
Welcome to the group
over 3 years
Stunning surreal painting - love the interpretation - and the dedication to the Master Jedi! 5*
over 3 years
I really love this! Fantabulous!!!
over 3 years
Excellent work, really well chosen ideas and colours...
prefect in fact.... I am sure he would have loved that he is still causing artistic reactions....lol
over 3 years
Great stuff Drago!
over 3 years
Well done Drago. Smooth blending. Dali would be proud.
over 3 years
Very clever, fantastic style and finish - really is a great tribute - love the musical theme
over 3 years
over 3 years
Dali unhinged, excellent work Drago, brilliant presentation awesome composition perfect colours:)))
over 3 years
it's great. a great and thought provoking visual trumpeting - the words fail me.
over 3 years
exceeeeellent creativity....
over 3 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group (deleted), and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
I just love it. So well painted as well (accepted)
over 3 years
I totally love it! Makes me smile & I bet he'd have loved it too. It's an excellent homage! I was lucky to visit both Dali museum in Figueras and his house in Port Ligat Sp.
over 3 years
Isn't this...exxxxxxtraordinary!! Aaaaaaand spleeeeeendid aaaaaaand speeeeeeeeectacular and, and, and!! YOU, my friend, have completely taken my breath away!! Also, my...er...power of speech!! I'm ...lost for words, this is sooooo beyond...briiiilliant and maaaaaagnificent!! I could look at this...alllll day long, there is sooooo much to see and to enjoy and to think about!! Bravo and Bravoooooooo!! 50,000* Hugs, Charlotte
over 3 years
this would make Sal stand up & salute.
over 3 years
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DragoHello and thanks for visiting my page.It's a real pleasure to share my artistic attempts with you all here.
My speciality is the fantasy,symbolism and surrealism art styles.Hope you enjoy it:-)

P.S.The more comments you add, the more art I will create! It is so inspiring!:-)
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If a work sells...is it OK to replace it with another? This repeat is not quite the same....does that make it OK?
To me it's not the same, this has more detail, I am not sure what the answer is, probably some rule somewhere that I would just ignore anyway. I really like... view answer
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