Mister Dill and Others by Nina Boltova

Mister Dill and Others

gouache on paper (A3 album)
Thats wonderfull and the colours are great
over 3 years ago
Beautiful colors, great detail & shading
over 3 years
A very beautiful still life. Looks very real.
over 3 years
over 3 years
well painted a very good still life
over 3 years
Great still life!
over 3 years
otlichnaya rabota i vi navernoe shutite, chto eto 2ya?????
You must be joking, you are very talented, and actualy its a one of the best gouaches i've seen, keep going :)
over 3 years
Спасибо, Ирина! В нужный час прочитала Ваш комментарий - я как раз решила заниматься живописью на курсах при академии и полна сомнений насчет своих способностей, особенно в окружении молодых дарований-студентов... Вы, может быть, подозреваете, как консервативно общество в бывшем СССР, и на то, что человек решил вдруг заняться серьезно каким-то новым для себя делом в "зрелом" возрасте смотрят как на странность... Спасибо большое за Ваше "keep going", буду стараться:)
over 3 years
a very beautiful painted still life. warm regards susie
over 3 years
Lovely still life picture, love the title.
over 3 years
wonderful painting. Excellent detail and balance
over 3 years
nicely done.
over 3 years
Lovely work, congratulations!
over 3 years
beautiful work Nina, really love the colors, regards, Sonja
over 3 years
Щасливе Різдво та Щасливий та здоровий новий рік Nina...
Love the wonderful still-life.
Fantastic the Various fruit.
Lovely colours.
Greetings, Robert
over 3 years
A very beautiful still life well executed.
over 3 years
Amazing still life Nina!!! Bravo! Angela
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Nina Boltova
Nina BoltovaI'm 30 y.o. self-taught learner. Better late than never.
What is your trick for getting likenesses when doing portraits. Anything that I can glean from you expert portraitists would be very beneficial?
Personally, I find the "usual" drawing books etc. boring... however, what really helps with getting the proportions right is the grid method... you print out... view answer
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