wolf by majdi khawaja
I really love your lines, especially love his nose and mouth...
over 2 years ago
over 2 years
He looks like a power not to be messed with.A handsome looking wolf1
over 2 years
VERY NICE and such an intense look
over 2 years
Great expression and pencil drawing!
over 2 years
Have been looking at your animals. Good work. Love this guy! Love the cats, too! And the birds! Really nice work!
over 2 years
keep trying. Practise makes perfect
over 2 years
You obviously enjoy drawing. Keep at it. Good effort.
over 2 years
Great job!! I just love drawing dogs, so detailed!
over 2 years
Great one! Nicely done Majdi
over 2 years
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majdi khawajalike to draw ...
Added this dark background to the previous painting, now wish I hadn't! So please would you suggest anything I could do now to improve it again, or is it...
this is a lovely tiger, hilary. if u were going to do anything a bit of orange in the blue so you can blur out from him into the blue cloud in levels to add... view answer
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