Natural by kevart


Portrait - watercolour


Have you ever let yourself go in your painting style?
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A beautiful portrait. Love the looseness of the hair brushtrokes. Great facial details!
over 3 years ago
Many thanks Deb, appreciate the comments, the looseness regarding the hair particularly is very important. Cheers, Kevin
over 3 years
Lovely portrait .great her face...janet x
over 3 years
Many thanks Janet, demo to some inmates in prison, this one! Kevin
over 3 years
Beautifully painted!
over 3 years
Thanks Gwen, glad you appreciated this one. Cheers, Kevin
over 3 years
Sensitively painted with wonderful light and expression...
over 3 years
Thanks Jolante, trust you are well in enjoying South Africa. Kevin
over 3 years
A very beautiful Watercolour,well done
over 3 years
Thanks Joe, appreciate your compliment on this portrait painting. Sincerely, Kevin
over 3 years
Really like the way you have done her hair, full of moment. Regards Jane
over 3 years
Many thanks Jane, glad you like the movement in the hair, greetings Kevin
over 3 years
I like the style.
over 3 years
Thank you Anjoo, pleased u like this spontaneous, free flowing style of painting. Sincerely, Kevin
over 3 years
Love it ! Beautiful Woman Beautifully Painted - The hair is especially impressive.
over 3 years
Yes Pete, I think they say 'with bounce!' Cheers, Kevin
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for kevart
kevartVisual communicator, honours degree in graphic design, illustrator, can work in a variety of medium. I taught for nearly 10 years in 3 prisons & a school in Kent. I was peripatetic among 4 establishments & in any given week was teaching 10-70 year olds all kinds of creative things in 4 art studios. I have had several exhibitions and will have more in the coming years. I use my art when speaking to children, young people & adults. We then moved to Norfolk and I did further teaching in schools, clubs and churches. This includes several after school clubs in art & chess, classroom art teaching in several schools.
I became a Christian in 1977, my life was transformed & naturally my faith reflects in my art. I enjoy animals,...
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Is this a portrait or a character study? Would you buy this painting despite the fact that it is of somebody you do not know?
Robin hi! I would say this is an excellent charachter study!!! You talk a lot in this painting about the charachter, the way he looks, sits, is dressed, the... view answer
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