Friends by Anny


on pastel paper
Anny, this is an absolutely amazing portrait!
I love your work and style. Wonderful details. Very beautiful rendering of her hair.
Truly amazing work.
over 4 years ago
I am full of gratitude for your comments, thnank you again.
over 4 years
wonderful portrait
over 4 years
Thanks so much for going through my work.
over 4 years
The coloring is the best feature. The left eye is a bit larger than the right but it is still a very good portrait.
over 4 years
Thanks for your sincere cristism, that what we need to move forward. Thank you so much for going through my work.
over 4 years
Excellent portrait Anny, I love her smile and eyes, 5*****
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Anny
AnnyHi my name is Anny Mary I've lived in Malta for most of my live, I was born in Australia.
I've always loved painting and took it as a special subject during my school days. After school I just dropped the subject and never seemed to be able to find the time to paint again. Work took first place and as the years passed I could never fit it into my routine.
After seeing some inspiring works and with that nagging thought inside me to start again, I've mustered enough courage to start again. So here I am after a few months of trying. I do need encouragement and sound critism to get me to where I would like to be. This site is fantastic and am proud to be part of it.

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Great Backgrounds
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One Eyed Beauty
Do you think adding the lyrics of the song the painting has been titled after in the description will add anything to the overall presentation of my rock star...
Fantastic portrait Marty, love the tone & lighting and nice clean lines. I have seen artists add the lyrics to their paintings adding texture but I could also... view answer
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