Awesome by Neil McBride


An expressive take on the Yorkshire countryside produced in one session for added immediacy and livelyness. Size: 40 x 60cm
You chose the right title for this Neil - it's awesome
over 3 years ago
Quite a compliment from such as yourself Cyril, thanks
over 3 years
I agree, awesome :)
over 3 years
Kool Kirsten, thanks
over 3 years
So vibrant and alive, love it.
over 3 years
Thanks Carol, it's important to get stuff down before I lose interest!
over 3 years
love that painting! the sky is just amazingly done!
over 3 years
Thanks Roman, I love a bit of expressive brushwork.
over 3 years
There is a great dynamic in this painting. Love the colors as well. Beautiful Neil!
over 3 years
You are too kind
over 3 years
Great atmosphere, movement and colour. I love the yorkshire dales and this is a clever and interesting portrayal of them. Great work.
over 3 years
Thank you Chris. Your work looks very interesting too. I will take a look.
over 3 years
love this lanscape stunning work love the sky seen one like this onone of Turners painting regards my friend james
over 3 years
Wow! This is so eyecatching! Lovely work Neil. It has so much movement.
over 3 years
Amazing work!
over 3 years
good vork
over 3 years
Nice work!
over 3 years
Nicer comment
over 3 years
wow! awsome is right, this is amazing!
over 2 years
Yes, it is expressive and dramatic. Very nice work!
over 2 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group Impressionist paintings, and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
Love these colours so deeply. You can join my groups whenever your paintings fit them. Very pleased to have you in my Impressionist Paintings. Kindly, Isaura (accepted)
over 2 years
Very impressive painting. You've got a really original style going there.
over 2 years
Great motive and a super dramatic light. Welcome to my group.
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Neil McBride
Neil McBrideNeil is a British painter and maker of art prints and original paintings for sale in acrylic and oil.

For 20 years his main source of income has come from the Applied Arts working on commissioned designs for print, web sites and 3D spatial design.

Neil’s enduring interest, however, is in the Fine Arts. And here lies his versatility.

Neil has honed his painting skills and currently exhibits in commercial galleries and shows in Yorkshire and on the e-commerce site which he has designed and developed himself.

Neil is now relishing the freedom of developing his own aesthetic. His initial paintings are overtly commercial in subject and style. This has given way to a sincere effort to produce more challenging work of real substance...
was added to the group
Portraits ~
I'd love hearing from you all as to some tips when painting with oils. What do you think of this Abstract?
Hi Bevie, You have succeeded superbly with your first oil painting. Look forward to viewing your progress in this medium. Wonderful work. Love it. Kindest... view answer
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