peace hope joy love by Mary Anne Strachota

peace hope joy love

Set I
Four 10" diameter circular canvases
For Sale
This piece and your other work show such strong design and purpose. I love the use of colour in these four and how you have captured four very different elements with simple designs. This take s a lot of thought.
over 5 years ago
Thank you for such kind comments and your observations Jackie! Your work is so beautiful!
over 5 years
Oh yes a portion of each please!!A beautiful collection of paintings.You must have very good eye sight to paint those!
over 5 years
LOL - we all need as much of all four as we can get, and my eyesight is not too bad ;) Thank you Krystna!
over 5 years
Beautiful work, Mary Anne, very well done.
over 5 years
Thank you Barbara!
over 5 years
Perfect for christmas! what a great idea! Love these... you did a great job with the unique colour too, not the traditional red and green... so creative and beautifully done
over 5 years
Thank you Claire - I've never been an traditional colors for Christmas person. I am currently working on my third set of these, am about to post the second. All the sets are different colors. Thank you for such nice comments :)
over 5 years
Hello Mary Anne congrats within your work here, wonderfull.
over 5 years
Thank you Herdis!
over 5 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group (deleted), and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
wonderful work (accepted)
over 4 years
Excellent idea in the set painting, Mary Anne! Looks really stunning a with a different approach... loosened up and free! With greatest compliments from Christiane
over 4 years
Thank you Christine! These were fun and quite messy to do ;) but I do like the way they turned out.
over 4 years
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I have always been fascinated with color and the effect colors have on each other as well as how color could make me feel. I am a huge fan of Gustav Klimt and find myself especially drawn to his pairing of two and three-dimensional elements.

As early as I can remember, art was my thing. After the loss of a child, I lost my desire to sketch or paint. I avoided quiet...
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