Confetti Tree by Kirsten Mellissa

Confetti Tree

canvas board
another tree from my imagination
Lovely autumn colours
over 3 years ago
...And it a beautiful imaginary scene. I love the colors and all!!
M : ))
over 3 years
Kirsten, you have used my favourite colours. I love your eaves on the branch of the tree, they are like 3d. Very attractive work.
over 3 years
BEAUTIFUL!!Love the Autum Colours:)Great Movement to the tree:)LOVE it!!
over 3 years
Kirsten...It's gorgeous!!! Superb tree and absolutely fantastic colours - I really have enjoyed looking at this, nice sky too! Brilliant!
over 3 years
This is quite beautiful.
over 3 years
Wonderful colors and detail, Kirsten, perfect title.
over 3 years
Lovely and fairytale Confetti Tree Kirsten...
I love the "autumn colours"..
It is a joy of the eye...:-)
Ther is dept in this work to my dear!!!
Great job.
Kind regards, Robert
over 3 years
Beautiful fall colours Kirsten,looks windy to me ...sharon
over 3 years
so bright and pretty--love your colors
over 3 years
keep up the great work love it
over 3 years
Love your tree Kirsten! Nature does provide us with so much inspiration!
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Kirsten Mellissa
Kirsten MellissaSome ask, why do you paint? I answer, why do you eat? :)
What a fabulous life. I get to live in a world of imagination and color!
I am a self taught artist and just recently began painting after taking a ten year break. I'm a bit rusty but hoping with practice, patience, and the kindness of the Blue Fairy I'll become a real artist :)
I struggle with backgrounds - getting it to relate to the subject etc.. do you have any suggestions to make it easier?
Pretty horse! Backgrounds are just that Jackie "in the back"...... you don't really want to draw the eye there - just a backdrop to 'present' your subject. ... view answer
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