land of goblins by Annika Volkens

land of goblins

A view into a different world


oil on canvas
definitely lovely :-)
over 2 years ago
This is so wonderful!! All the little goblins wandering around such a pretty little village. Love all your detail - I don't think you missed a thing!
over 2 years
A wonderful picture - well done!
over 2 years
Beautiful and interesting work so full of life.
over 2 years
I totalyl love this work! Has an old masters feel to it, but updated to include fantasy figures - Really great work, fantastic details.
over 2 years
Its cool to see into anothers imagination , Charming
over 2 years
Thanks for your lovely comment Annika, its a huge compliment to me from someone who can paint like this.
over 2 years
Oh wow I love this painting.All the little people going on with their lives,the tree trunks are my favorite, you have managed to get so much detail into this painting!Wonderful work Annika!
over 2 years
This looks like a wonderful place. Reminds me of Hobbits I wonder if they are related goblins and hobbits. Wonderful job on the beautiful land.
over 2 years
beautiful work
over 2 years
Welcome on PIL Annika!!
Sie haben ein wunderschönes gemälde gemaakt.Feine farben.
Herzliche Grüße aus den Niederlanden, Robert
over 2 years
Lovely original and charming work, great depth and excellent use of colour, Chris
over 2 years
Wow! My eyes just keep moving around taking everything in on this wonderful piece. The composition is unreal.*****
over 2 years
woooooooooooow......i love it......
over 2 years
A beautiful sunny landscape so full of action and light, love the colors.
over 2 years
This is a beautiful scene, love the people and animals and the landscape is so well done. Congratulations!!
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Annika Volkens
Annika VolkensI live in the north of Germany, 150 km far from hamburg. I'm a self taught artist and 20 years old, now. My art tries to show people the beautiful side of life. I want, that people, who are watching my paintings feel peace inside themselves.

At the moment, I'm studying art history and musicscience in Kiel. Maybe I will study art later on.
Added this dark background to the previous painting, now wish I hadn't! So please would you suggest anything I could do now to improve it again, or is it...
this is a lovely tiger, hilary. if u were going to do anything a bit of orange in the blue so you can blur out from him into the blue cloud in levels to add... view answer
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