in progress by Kirsten Mellissa

in progress

I've started on my daughters portrait which I have as a challenge called My Little Jail Bird.
Hopefully I won't ruin it, haha!
Looks like you have a great start Kirsten. Don't let fear get in the way!
over 3 years ago
Wonderful beginning Kirsten. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
over 3 years
wow! This is fantastic! You've got the perspective so well!
over 3 years
I see a Wonderful pictire here. Can"t wait to see it when it is completed. Nancy
over 3 years
Lovely photo to work off, its coming along really good, look forward to seeing your finished work Kirsten, and best wishes with your painting for the future.
over 2 years
this is very cute, and you started well on it. can't wait to see it finished!
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Kirsten Mellissa
Kirsten MellissaSome ask, why do you paint? I answer, why do you eat? :)
What a fabulous life. I get to live in a world of imagination and color!
I am a self taught artist and just recently began painting after taking a ten year break. I'm a bit rusty but hoping with practice, patience, and the kindness of the Blue Fairy I'll become a real artist :)
I found painting the feathers very hard to do. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how they do it?
Beautiful nearly monochrome painting Daniele...I do not attempt to paint realistically so cannot advise on the feathers, which look excellent to me. Why not... view answer
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