Robert Downey Jr. by Juan Carlos Moreno Collado
Absolutely wonderful!
over 5 years ago
Thank you very much, Tamara.
over 5 years
i see many hours of work here.every line worth the end result.i have no idea how you do it to such are indeed blessed
over 4 years
Thank you very much, Mandy.
over 4 years
¡BRILLANTE JUAN CARLOS! Parece que está allí...
Impresionante. ¡Me encanta, te felicito por ese talento! Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.
Un abrazo
over 4 years
Muchas gracias a ti, Gloria.
over 4 years
Beautiful work Juan Carlos, magnificent drawing.
Never seen this before and you did it a year ago!
There must be many more great works that pass me by.
Kind regards
over 4 years
Thank you very nuch, Rick.
over 4 years
Excellent 5**** portrait, Jan Carlos! Great work
over 4 years
Thank you very much, Sue.
over 4 years
Juan, this is excellent work in pencil. It looks just like him. Beautifully done.
over 4 years
Thank you very much, Kathryn.
over 4 years
perfection!!!!! very impressive..can't wait to see more of yours!
over 4 years
Thank you very much, Rebecca.
over 4 years
woooow! this is so good! very welldone :)
over 4 years
Wonderful contrast and detail. Laurel
over 1 year
Very well captured, I like the reflective shading on the left, at first I thought it was a mistake because of the shadowing on the left shoulder but if the light was coming from behind it makes sense.
over 1 year
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Juan Carlos Moreno ColladoI live in Madrid (Spain), my birthplace. My artistic background is mostly self-taught. I feel a predilection for hyper-realistic style. And, although I have a special fondness for the oil, I like working with different techniques. I hope you enjoy the works that I expose in this website. I appreciate your criticism and comments.
Who I am today as an artist, for me is not about so much what I have learnt over the years being basically self taught, but how my creativity was affected with...
Wonderful horses, Camelle - very bold and windswept. Agreed - life both can knock down and build up our creativity. I began to paint and draw in earnest after... view answer
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