Feeling a Little Vincent Today by Kirsten Mellissa

Feeling a Little Vincent Today

Just a quick painting, nothing serious, was in the mood for a little Vincent
And Vincent it is! Interesting perspective Kirsten - I think Vincent would approve ;)
over 4 years ago
Looks like a fun painting Kirsten..feels very Vincent!
over 4 years
Très Vincent! Love it!
over 4 years
I love the boldness of the colors!
over 4 years
Oh I love this. I feel like I'm in a forest on a starry night looking up. Beautiful!
over 4 years
Gorgeous and vibrant!
over 4 years
Beautiful movement and colors, awesome!!
over 4 years
Fabulous! Wish I could feel a little Vincent!!

over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Kirsten Mellissa
Kirsten MellissaSome ask, why do you paint? I answer, why do you eat? :)
What a fabulous life. I get to live in a world of imagination and color!
I am a self taught artist and just recently began painting after taking a ten year break. I'm a bit rusty but hoping with practice, patience, and the kindness of the Blue Fairy I'll become a real artist :)
After building up the composition of this painting, I wondered if the way shouldn't be more curved. What would you do?
What would I do? I would leave it, curved may have been better, I can see why you would question it. I like the warm colors and the impressionistic feel to... view answer
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