After the storm by Aneli

After the storm

acrylic on stretched canvas 40x40 cm, fast work with palette knife
Beautiful, Refreshing, calming and evan thought provoking. All that and great color tones too. Aneli, I feel this painting not just view it. Can't you just smell the freshness in the air? The clean feel of the air you breath as you look at this emotive work of art. Wonderful.
over 3 years ago
Thanks a lot Mick, your lovely comment makes me really happy :)
over 3 years
Woderful brush strokes and a fine painting.
over 3 years
Thanks a lot Brian, very kind of you and sorry for the late thanks, regards, Aneli
over 3 years
Love the sky, the colors, nicely done!
over 3 years
Thanks a lot Csilla for the kind comment, xx Aneli
over 3 years
What beautiful colors and energy I get from this painting! I love the sky. Gorgeous work, Aneli!
over 3 years
Thank you so much Mary, very kind of you :)
over 3 years
nice colors, a real feel for the water as it begins to settle back into smooth...nice!

over 3 years
Thanks a lot Cris :)
over 3 years
Wow! Aneli, this is amazing! The light, the motion, texture - brilliant work!
over 3 years
Hi Memi, thanks my friend :)
over 3 years
Wonderful work!!!
over 2 years
Thank you so much ionel, much appreciated :)
over 2 years
over 1 year
Once again thanks a lot :)
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Aneli
Anelidipl.arch. Aneliya Nedyalkova
I started to paint Octomber'2006 year and i'm a self-taught artist. Every free minute, when I am not designing, i use for painting, which brings me a great delight.
I want to thank all PIL artists, thank you friends, you are my greatest inspiration !
Warmest regards to all of you !!!
Who I am today as an artist, for me is not about so much what I have learnt over the years being basically self taught, but how my creativity was affected with...
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