Balloon by Kirsten Mellissa


another fictional landscape
Very nice with beautiful colors. Anne Marie.
over 4 years ago
Beautiful work. Your baloon and cool colours are great.
over 4 years
Lovely!! love the balloon and how you have painted the flag on it..v nicely done!cool landscape as well!
over 4 years
Love that balloon it is a great addition to this lovely landscape.
over 3 years
So beautifully done!Love this balloon!Bravo,my dear friend Kirsten!Kind regards,Ankica
over 3 years
Love this one! Incredible detail and the hot air balloon is actually floating on the canvas! Very well done!
over 3 years
Love the beauty of your colors anf the red, white and blue hot air baloon. Wish I was there. Love it, Nancy
over 3 years
Very striking colors and a very riveting composition!
over 3 years
awesome balloon!
over 3 years
Gorgeous painting!
over 3 years
You are brilliant! The colors are amazing.
over 3 years
Beautiful painting and scene!
over 3 years
Magnificent scenery with rich pallete.
over 3 years
Love the RED White and Blue balloon! Very very lovely sky! Beautifully done!
over 3 years
Very nice balloon. Love the patriotism in it. I would personally add more light details to the rocks in the foreground but that is my opinion. Laurel
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Kirsten Mellissa
Kirsten MellissaSome ask, why do you paint? I answer, why do you eat? :)
What a fabulous life. I get to live in a world of imagination and color!
I am a self taught artist and just recently began painting after taking a ten year break. I'm a bit rusty but hoping with practice, patience, and the kindness of the Blue Fairy I'll become a real artist :)
I wonder how many here struggle with painting animals such as horses? I am out of my comfort zone trying to do them...any suggestions other than practice...
are you very familiar with horses? maybe get online and find the exploded anatomy of the equine. Amazing how differently their ears and eyes are set to what... view answer
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